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Llama Adventures in Capitol Reef

Experience the Capitol Reef backcountry from a unique point of view alongside your very own pack llama. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced adventurer, Capitol Reef Resort now offers llama excursions for everyone at every level. Choose options ranging from a light day hike and picnicup to custom hikes. Each trek will offer support from seasoned pack llamas to carry the gear and food as you traverse some of Utah’s most beautiful landscapes.  Enhance your stay at Capitol Reef Resort and arrange your llama excursion today!

*Llama Excursions are available from March-early November


Llama Day Hikes

Day hikes in the Capitol Reef area offers many hiking options for families, serious backpackers, hikers, and those who enjoy exploring and relaxing in remote areas. Your llama companions carry the gear and food as you hike carrying only a light day pack. Our guests gain private access to the western escarpment of the Water Pocket Fold of Capitol Reef National Park. This exclusive access means you’ll have the entire place to yourself. Very few people get the opportunity to explore the headwaters of Sulphur Creek, Red Bluff Canyon, or the Amphitheater below Cooks Mesa, Twin Lakes or the Boulder Rim. Come join us for a hiking experience unlike any other in North America! Let our guides and llamas help you make a memory you will never forget.

Guides can also tell you all about the unique geology and archeology of the area along with any questions about your llama companion: Click Here to see our guides in action!

Day Hike Options

    • The Jaunt | 1 Hour Llama Hike | $85 per Person
    • The Traveler | 2 Hour Llama Hike | $99 per Person VIEW ITINERARY
    • The Explorer | 4 Hour Llama Hike | $225 per Person VIEW ITINERARY
    • The Sightseer | Full Day Llama Hike | $299 – $599 per Person (2 person minimum)VIEW ITINERARY
    • The Vacationer | Full Day Llama Hike | $299 – $599 per Person (2 person minimum)VIEW ITINERARY 

Overnight Llama Treks

Our overnight treks are for the traveler looking for real adventure. Experience one of Utah’s breathtaking sunsets over the mountains of Capitol Reef National Park with a gourmet cooked meal shared over a cozy campfire on an overnight guided llama trek. Our guides will tailor your llama adventure based on your timeframe, level of ability and interest. Your guide will give you a one-on-one landscape interpretation of the unique geology, flora, fauna, and archeology in the area, as well as, answer any questions about your llama companions. Our llamas can carry your day hiking gear, water, food and all of our camping gear for the night. Click Here to watch clips from one of our trips.

Come explore the rich history on one of the most remote stretches of The Great Western Trail while carrying only a light day pack.  Each night we camp next to spring fed mountain lakes full of jumping trout and abundant wild flowers and grassy meadows. We will climb 11,000-foot peaks, pass by two waterfalls and have great chances of wildlife sightings. If you want to challenge yourself, enjoy some of the best backcountry cuisine around then give us the opportunity to take you on an adventure you will never forget

Overnight Trek Options

    • Twin Lakes | 2 or 3 Day Llama Hike | $1100 per Person (2 day) / $1650 per Person (3 day) VIEW ITINERARY
    • Capitol Reef Mesa | 2 or 3 day Llama Hike | $1100 per Person (2 day) / $1650 per Person (3 day) VIEW ITINERARY
    • Boulder Rim | 3 or 4 day Llama Hike | $1500 per Person (3 day) / $2000 per Person (4 day) VIEW ITINERARY
    • The Great Western Trail | 5 or 6 day Llama Hike | $2500 per Person (5 day) / $3000 per Person (6 day) VIEW ITINERARY

Custom Treks

The backcountry is a place of wonder and majesty. There is always more history to explore, new things to learn and experiences to share. Utah has some of the most diverse and contrasting landscapes in the world. We are luckily enough to offer some of our favorite personal trips to you. When we visit new places we always ask the locals “what is the coolest thing to see that no one else knows about”. Often, we find those hidden gems that few folks know about or get to see. We are now offering up those hidden gems to our guest that we have discovered over the years. You only live life once and we want to share these wild places and adventures with you.

From our fishing expeditions, to our Star Gazer trip, ADVENTURE WAITS. If you would like to book a custom trip please give us a call, we have a few other select trip offerings and can mix and match any of the trips you see and even some that you don’t see. Your vacation is special to you, so we will make it special to us and make every effort to help you get what you are looking for. We look forward to our adventure together.

Custom Trek Options

    • Best of Utah | 2 day Llama Hike | $700 per Person VIEW ITINERARY
    • Utah Star Gazing | 2 day Llama Hike | $750 per Person VIEW ITINERARY
    • Fishing Expedition | 1, 2 or 3 day Llama Hike | $420 – $1,185 per Person VIEW  ITINERARY

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