Scenic Safari Hikes & Jeep Tours

Journey deep into the untamed wonders of Capitol Reef National Park by foot or on our overland Jeep Safaris. Follow the Burr trail along the iconic Waterpocket Fold or head to the North end of the park and venture into the breathtaking Cathedral Valley. These backcountry roads take you to marvels such as the Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Moon. Our highly trained expert guides will teach you all about the geology, biology and history of the area. Come see Capitol Reef the way it is meant to be seen!

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Safari Jeep Tours through Capitol Reef National Park

Available to book April 1 – October 28

Waterpocket Fold Safari

(5-7 hours): $200 per person (up to 4 people)

This trip tours down through the southern end of the park along the waterpocket fold. This area is rich with Native American history and the waterpocket fold is one of the most iconic geological features in the park. The trip back to the resort is spent traversing through the Escalante National Monument and the Boulder Mountain range which provides great opportunities for mountain overlooks and chances for wildlife sightings.

Cathedral Valley Safari

(5-7 hours): $200 per person (up to 4 people)

This trip tours through the northern end of the park and covers the entire upper and lower cathedral valley. Stone monuments such as the Temple of the Sun and Moon reach to sky and provide incredible photo opportunities.

Temple of the Sun Safari

(4 hours): $150 per person (up to 4 people)

This tour is an abbreviated version of the Cathedral Valley trip. We tour you straight to the viewing point for the Temple of the Sun and Moon and then bring you back out. A good option for people who would like to see those marquee attractions while only committing 3-4 hours to the tour.




Golden Throne Hik 5

Safari Hikes through Capitol Reef National Park

Available to book April 1 – October 28

Golden Throne Hike

(1-2 hours): $135 per person
Length: 3.5 Miles

This is one of Capitol Reef’s lesser used paths, the Golden Throne Trail climbs the crumbling cliffs and benches on the North side of Capitol Gorge, gaining 700 feet over two miles to a viewpoint below a conspicuous, golden-brown Navajo sandstone dome, the red-topped summit of which is nearly 1,000 feet higher.

Capitol Gorge Trail

(1-2 hours): $135 per person
Length: 4.5 Miles

Paved for most of the way, though the last 2.5 miles is unpaved, winding its way along the deep but relatively wide upper part of the gorge to the trailhead beyond. In the course of just one mile, the Capitol Gorge Trail passes a petroglyph panel, several hundred historic signatures, a small natural arch and sequence of water filled potholes (the Tanks), and a narrow, rocky side canyon that also has potholes, and dryfalls.

Frying Pan Trail

(2-3 hours): $135 per person
Length: 6.2 miles

This trial takes visitors from the head of Grand Wash and the Cassidy Arch Trail, across the Waterpocket Fold, and down into the Fremont River Canyon, along Highway 24. The trail treks right across the top of the Fold rather than cutting its way through like the majority of the park’s other trails.

Please call 307-413-9300 after making reservations to confirm the time and date of your tour.  Tours are fully pre-paid at the time of booking and must be cancelled by 3:00pm hotel time at least 48 hours prior to arrival to avoid a 100% cancellation penalty charge. For more information on Safari Jeep Tours, contact

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